Message from the President

Summer is finally upon us, and this is a time when a season’s hard work comes to a close. While we make preparations for next season, we can all look back proudly at months full successful and rewarding events.

Right since the start of our society, back in 1969, an important part of our activities have been bringing some of the best players out there to perform in Ottawa. 2016-2017 saw performances by Matthew McAllister, Chroma Duo, the Eden-Stell Duo, and the legendary twosome of Sérgio and Odair Assad, that was here as part of Guitar Alla Grande. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have also noticed Young Artist concerts, a few master classes, the OGS Guitar Ensemble, and a very successful Open Mic series. While everyone who volunteers her or his time for the OGS is certainly deserving of thanks and praise, I’d like to take this moment to underscore the impressive work done by both Emily Shaw and Craig Visser this season. They really have been the nucleus around which the OGS’ activities have thrived. Be sure to thank them for their efforts when you next run-in to them.

One of our new endeavors this year was the first edition of the OGS composition competition. Part of the prize for first place was to have the work performed at the opening concert of Guitar Alla Grande. “Astral Project”, the winning piece, Nathan Bredeson, was performed by Daniel Ramjattan; Daniel should be well known to most of you: he’s performed in our Young Artist Series, and has been in Ottawa for the past seven years, completing both the BMUS and then the MMUS at uOttawa. Daniel’s next port of call is uToronto, where he will be starting his DMA in the fall. We at the OGS wish him all the best.

The 2017-2018 is mostly planned already.  Both the main concert series and the Young Artist series will be posted to our website soon. The main concert series next year is having a bit of a CanCon special with most performers coming from neighboring guitar communities. Duo Azuline (featuring Hamilton’s Emma Rush on guitar, and Sara Traficante on flute), the Guitars Alive Quartet (featuring our own Philip Candelaria, and some buddies from the Sudbury area), Duo46 (husband and wife team of Matt Gould, guitar and Beth Schneider, violin, from Sudbury) will give our audiences a taste of what’s around and nearby; if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a concert featuring John Armstrong performing his own music, American virtuoso David Leisner coming to town for a concert and master class, and of course the great, Italian duo of Matteo Mela and Lorenzon Micheli, also known as SoloDuo. It’s going to be a big year!

There will also be a continuation of the Open Mic concerts, return to the Members’ Concerts and workshops, the Young Artist concerts….Basically enough to satisfy our appetite for quality classical guitar.

Please stay in touch, and don’t be shy about contacting us with ideas you might have, praise for folks we’ve brought to town, and yes, should have something that makes you less than happy about the OGS, we want to know that too!

Have a wonderful summer, we’ll see you in September.

– Louis.

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